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Waubonsee Faculty, Staff Work Published

Members of the faculty and staff at Waubonsee Community College had their work published in various places during the past month.

Linda Haugen, Marketing and Communications Event Coordinator, had an article on event planning published in the January issue of Counsel, a publication of the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations.

Ellen Lindeen, Associate Professor of English, wrote an article “Education, Junior High, Police, and Fixing our Killing Problem,” which was published several places in January. It was published by Common Dreams, the LA Progressive, Counterpunch, the San Diego Free Press, The Gilmer Mirror, Chicago Activism, and PeaceVoice. In the article, Lindeen presents positive options for policing that include carrying non-lethal weapons, training in de-escalation techniques and education in the sociology of race.

Billy Clem, Associate Professor of English, wrote a poem “Collateral Damage, or Note to a Friend for Election Day,” that was published in the January issue of the online magazine The New Verse News.