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Waubonsee Dean Rambish, Math Professor Pulver to Serve on ICCB Developmental Ed Committee

Dr. Medea Rambish
Tom Pulver

A Waubonsee Community College administrator and faculty member have been selected to represent the college on a statewide committee responsible for helping to refine developmental education at Illinois’ community colleges.

Dr. Medea Rambish, Dean for Developmental Education and College Readiness, and Thomas Pulver, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, were selected to serve on the Illinois Community College Board’s Developmental Education Advisory Committee.

The committee stands to help the ICCB review developmental education in Illinois, participating in a number of projects to encourage best practices to help community colleges help students in developmental education programs succeed.

Pulver, who also serves on the full ICCB, has served on the Developmental Education Advisory Committee since the committee’s inception six years ago.

“It’s very important for Waubonsee to have exposure to the current community college trends within the state and the nation,” Pulver said. “My service on this committee allows me to better understand these trends and to bring back to Waubonsee students those processes and curriculum design that will better facilitate their path through developmental education.”

Rambish, who is new to the Developmental Education Advisory Committee, attended her first committee meeting in January.

She said she believed service on the committee represented an important opportunity for her to represent the college and Waubonsee’s students on the committee.

“Decisions made on this committee will directly impact them and their success,” Rambish said.