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The Oswego Fire Protection District has donated an ambulance to Waubonsee Community College, offering new training opportunities to students enrolled in Waubonsee's EMT program.

Oswego Fire District Donates Ambulance to Enhance Waubonsee EMT Training

Waubonsee Community College’s Emergency Medical Technician training program has received a big boost, thanks to a gift of key equipment from a neighbor.

This month, Waubonsee accepted the donation of a 1998 International Road Ranger ambulance from the Oswego Fire Protection District.

The vehicle, which carries about 121,000 miles, will provide students participating in the college’s EMT-Basic program with opportunities to learn and practice valuable patient care skills, while participating in practice scenarios, said Dr. Jess Toussaint, Dean for Health Professions and Public Service at Waubonsee.

During various role-playing exercises, Waubonsee students will be able to navigate between Waubonsee’s extrication training system and the ambulance, Toussaint said.

Waubonsee’s EMT-B program prepares students for various public examinations needed to begin a career as an EMT.

“We are grateful to the Oswego Fire Protection District for their offer of this valuable resource to our students,” Toussaint said.