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Waubonsee Dean Rambish Elected President of Illinois Learning Specialists and Developmental Education

Dr. Medea Rambish

Dr. Medea Rambish, Dean for Developmental Education and College Readiness at Waubonsee Community College, has assumed the office of president of the Illinois chapter of the national developmental education professional association.

On Oct. 24, Rambish became president of the Illinois Learning Specialists and Developmental Educators, the state chapter of the National Association for Developmental Education. She will serve a one-year term.

Rambish, of North Aurora, had served as the state organization’s president-elect since October 2013.

Rambish said she hoped to help continue to rebuild the ILSADE, which had lapsed into disorganization in recent years, into an effective organization to serve those who provide learning assistance to adult learners at various levels of ability and in a variety of higher educational institutions throughout Illinois.

Among other goals, she said she hopes to help ILSADE develop and follow-through on a chapter strategic plan; hold regional workshops; host an annual conference; and provide other professional development opportunities to the membership.