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Xcelerate Summer Camps Offer Weeks of Fun, Enrichment for Kids, Teens

What are your kids doing this summer?

Registration is now underway for Xcelerate Summer Camps at Waubonsee Community College. The five-day camps, operating in half-day sessions, will run at various times from June 9-Aug. 8 at Waubonsee’s Sugar Grove and Plano Campus locations.

Xcelerate Camps will offer children ages 4-14 the chance to engage in a range of fun, educational and enriching activities.

Participants at this year’s camps for older children and teens will have the opportunity to ride horses, build LEGO robots, create websites and video games, form pottery, develop their writing skills, learn to play ukulele or harmonica, or investigate veterinary medicine, among others.

Preschool children, ages 4-6, can participate in camps designed especially for them, offering opportunities to use blocks and other materials to playfully learn basic principles of physics and engineering; paint, dance, sculpt and play music; learn about the science of cooking; travel in time through their imagination to create a fairytale through dramatic play, music and art; and explore nature, among other choices.

Camps range in cost from $45-$179 per session.

For more information on Xcelerate or to register, visit