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Waubonsee Music Professor Publishes Works

Waubonsee Community College Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Mark Lathan, of Bartlett, recently finished a piece commissioned by Wheeling High School and also published several other works.

Wheeling High School commissioned Lathan to write a piece for its jazz band to honor the memory of Bill Carroll, who served as the band director at Buffalo Grove High School before being killed in a car accident in 1981. Lathan's latin jazz piece is entitled "Echale Todas Las Ganas," which loosely translates into "give it your all."

"Bill was a great guy - deserving all the praise he received before and after his passing," Lathan said. "He had a 'go for it' attitude that really was a hallmark of his style."

The piece will be published by Doug Beach Music later this year, while Art of Sound Music has already published three of Lathan's other recent works, including "Sonata for Trumpet," "Song for Trumpet" and "A Place in the World."