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Waubonsee and VALEES Host Event for Educators and Businesses

Waubonsee Community College and the Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES) recently hosted their 12th annual “Building Partnerships for America’s Future” event at the college’s Sugar Grove Campus. More than 200 local high school and college educators, counselors, administrators, and business people attended to share information about career and technical education trends and local employment needs.

“The event is really meant to bring together diverse partners to improve instruction and ensure quality career and technical education programs at all levels throughout the VALEES region,” said Julie Frankino, Career and Technical Education Specialist at Waubonsee. 

Sessions focused on technology, career pathways, college and career readiness, and business partnerships. Attendees were also able to visit and see the operations of two local businesses — Dunlee Manufacturing and Oberweis Dairy.

 The day opened with a special performance from “Let Dance Empower You,” which centered on a dance choreographed to a talk by international creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson. 

“The dance really encapsulated what the conference is all about — exploring what it means to help students discover their passions, develop their aptitudes and fulfill their potential,” said VALEES Program Specialist Roger Sanders. “How can we as educators better understand student needs, and what processes, procedures and structures can we bring to bear within our schools and with our partners to provide better learning opportunities for kids?”