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Waubonsee to Offer Free Career Readiness Assessments to Local Companies

Waubonsee Community College’s Workforce Development Department is offering local companies the chance to assess the career readiness skills of their current and/or prospective employees, all at no charge. The first 20 companies to sign up by the Jan. 31 deadline can arrange for as many as 20 individuals to be assessed and earn the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), developed by ACT.

With questions based on real workplace situations, the four assessments gauge skill levels in mathematics, locating information, reading for information, and soft skills areas such as work discipline, teamwork, customer service orientation and managerial potential. Knowing employees’ foundational strengths and weaknesses allows companies to hire, train, develop and retain a better workforce.

“Some candidates may not have direct experience in the job they’re applying for, but the NCRC can demonstrate whether they have the talents, natural abilities and personality to be effective in the workplace,” said Waubonsee Business Developer Debbie Talaska.

To take advantage of this free testing opportunity, call Talaska at (630) 906-4172, email or visit