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Waubonsee Receives Grant to Help Experienced Workers Find New Careers

As part of a new grant-funded project, Waubonsee Community College will focus on helping individuals aged 50 and older train for and transition to new careers. The college is one of 11 schools chosen to participate in the American Association of Community Colleges’ Plus 50 Encore Completion Program.

“Waubonsee is well-equipped to meet the needs of Plus 50 participants,” said Lesa Norris, Dean for Workforce Development. “We have state-of-the-art facilities, a variety of expert staff and an abundance of career training programs.”

As part of the new grant program, a Waubonsee staff member will serve as the Plus 50 coordinator, working one-on-one with students and connecting them to the resources and services they need — both at Waubonsee and in the community.

“We are helping individuals navigate an educational system and job search process that has changed dramatically since they last experienced it,” Norris said.

The biggest change in the job search process has to do with technology, so a new workshop is being developed called “Technology for Job Success.” Other workshops being offered include “Five Generations in the Workplace,” “Job Skills Success” and “Job Search.” These workshops will range from $99 to $119 and are expected to debut in November or December.

When a program participant lands a new job, it’s sure to be one they love, thanks to a free career assessment that is included in the program.

“We want to help learners build on their interests and passions to pursue a new career that they’ll find truly rewarding,” Norris said.

For more information on how Waubonsee is helping individuals over the age of 50 retrain, please contact Workforce Development at (630) 906-4152.