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Waubonsee’s Sustainability Practices Recognized at Gold Level

Waubonsee Community College recently achieved gold level status for meeting criteria set out by the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact, sponsored by the Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council.

To achieve this highest level of recognition, Waubonsee had to demonstrate how it is incorporating sustainable policies and practices throughout the institution, including the areas of campus operations, academics, student life and community engagement.

Among Waubonsee’s many achievements in the field of environmental responsibility are the establishment of an interdepartmental Sustainability Working Group, the creation of an informational Web page at, a series of on-campus events including Earth Week festivities, and the debut of an automotive recycling curriculum. 

The college’s sustainability goals for the upcoming year include increasing the number of recycling receptacles on campus, reducing electricity consumption at the Copley Campus, adding fillable water bottle stations at 10 campus drinking fountains, and increasing carpooling among staff and students by 10 percent.

Waubonsee has been a member of the Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) since that organization formed in 2008.