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Waubonsee Auto Body Program Helps Oswego Get Investigation Vehicle Ready for the Road

Group of five people stand in front of a large truck that says Oswego Police.
Oswego police officers join Assistant Professor of Auto Body Repair Andy MacDonald in front of the Oswego Police Department’s new crime scene investigation vehicle. Waubonsee’s auto body students changed the exterior of the former ambulance from its old red and white color scheme to its new black and white.

The Village of Oswego will soon have its first crime scene investigation vehicle ready for use, thanks in part to the students in Waubonsee Community College’s auto body repair program.

After receiving an old ambulance from the Oswego Fire Department, the Oswego Police Department needed help converting the vehicle to suit their needs. Captain Nick Sikora approached Waubonsee Assistant Professor of Auto Body Andy MacDonald for help in changing the exterior look of the truck.

MacDonald’s students spent a few months stripping and sanding away the ambulance’s lettering and other detailing, repairing rust spots, and taking the red and white color scheme to the new black and white.

According to Sikora, the vehicle still needs some interior finishing touches, but it’s close to completion and will be a valuable addition to the department.

“Right now, evidence technicians have to carry their equipment in a bunch of bags that they have to load and unload from squad cars,” Sikora said. “This now allows us to have everything already loaded into one vehicle so we can quickly and easily respond to scenes. We can also use the vehicle as a shelter when weather conditions present a problem.”