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Student Senate Announced at Board Meeting

Twelve members of Waubonsee's Student Senate pose for a photo in the Student Government Room at the Sugar Grove Campus.
Members of the 2011-12 Waubonsee Community College Student Senate include (back, l to r) Corina Quinonez, Jelena Lazic, Paul Bartow, Rami Sa’d, Nicholas Scanlan, Claire Guzior, Lizbeth Camacho, Iliana Rivera, (front, l to r) Student Trustee Chris Mortenson, Executive Vice President Dylan Boyer, President Meredith Adamski and Secretary K.C. Vogt.
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The 12 elected members of the Waubonsee Community College Student Senate were introduced at the college’s board of trustees meeting on Oct. 19.

The 2011-2012 student senator office holders are: President Meredith Adamski, of Batavia; Executive Vice President Dylan Boyer, of Sandwich; and Secretary K.C. Vogt, of Aurora.

Additional student senators include: Paul Bartow, of Batavia; Lizbeth Camacho, of Oswego; Claire Guzior, of Sandwich; Jelena Lezic and Iliana Rivera, of Aurora; Christina Penna, of Montgomery; Corina Quinonez, of Plano; Rami Sa’d, of North Aurora; and Nicholas Scanlan, of Sugar Grove. Chris Mortenson, of Batavia, will serve as the 2011-2012 Student Trustee. 

During their terms of office, student senate members gain leadership and interpersonal skills, learn to work with budgets, and experience how to organize campus events.

Members of the student senate are responsible for administering student government policies and activities at the Sugar Grove, Aurora, Copley and Plano Campuses. They are elected by the student body to serve a term of one academic year.