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New Career Programs Announced

At its Jan. 19 meeting, the Waubonsee Community College Board of Trustees approved new career-oriented Certificates of Achievement in studio art, real estate broker and real estate managing broker. All three programs will debut in the fall 2011 semester.

Making a living as an artist will hopefully become a bit easier for Waubonsee students with the introduction of the college’s new 26-credit-hour certificate in studio art. The coursework addresses not only the creative skills needed to become a painter, photographer or sculptor, but also the business skills needed to market and sell artistic services and/or artwork. It includes an entrepreneurship course, along with new courses in professional and digital portfolio development.

Professional requirements in the real estate field changed with recent amendments to the Illinois Real Estate Act of 2000. Waubonsee has updated its existing real estate broker certificate to comply with these new standards, along with introducing a new curriculum for professionals who want to manage a real estate office.

The 8-credit-hour real estate broker certificate includes two courses students take before the state licensing exam and two they take afterward. The new real estate managing broker certificate combines the 8 hours from the basic broker curricula with 3 hours of additional coursework designed to prepare students for the managing broker state licensure examination.  

For more information on any of these new degree and certificate programs, please contact Waubonsee’s Admissions department at (630) 466-7900, ext. 5756.