Personal and Professional Learning

Lifelong learning is a wonderful thing — whether it's to keep your mind sharp or your career on track. And through their course offerings and programs, Waubonsee's Community Education and Workforce Development departments can help you do just that.

Personal Enrichment
All learning can be fun, but Community Education's offerings are more fun than most. Our personal enrichment courses run the gamut from stained glass to bellydancing. In addition, we offer an exciting mix of events and trips to keep the great minds in our community inspired. We strive to provide engaging, quality learning opportunities to citizens of all ages — from children to seniors.

Professional Development
If you're looking to enrich your worklife, you'll want to take a look at the courses offered by our Workforce Development department. The short, focused courses they offer — in topics like computers, health care, manufacturing and sustainability — are meant to give you skills today that you can use on the job tomorrow. And since they're noncredit courses, you don't have the added pressure of grades — because isn't climbing the career ladder stressful enough?