English Subcommittee

Skills Needed for Success 
Waubonsee faculty members assess student work in ENG 101 using a rubric comprised of these six essential skills:

  • Student reads and responds to a variety of texts.
  • Student utilizes various writing strategies appropriate to the writing context.
  • Student establishes a voice appropriate to the writing context. 
  • Student understands how the topic, audience, purpose, voice and formality interact in a writing context. 
  • Student clarifies major aims, arranges material to support aims and provides sufficient material to satisfy expectations of readers. 
  • Student demonstrates satisfactory control over grammar and style on various writing projects.

Sample Assignment and Papers
Assignment: You will write a 3-4 page essay (3 page minimum) that reflects your attitudes about money. It could be a time when you won $50 on scratch-and-win tickets; a time when you saw someone denied for a credit card purchase; a time when you wanted something but couldn't afford it. It could be a small moment in time or a life-changing, dynamic moment when you were forever changed. Whatever event you choose, you will want to write a reflection essay that you would want to read.

You will consult Chapter 18, Reflections, in your textbook as you compose your essay, which contains sample reflection essays, key features of a reflection essay, and a guide to writing a reflection essay. The final draft will be submitted in MLA format.

Other Resources to Share with Students

Full Portfolio

You can download our complete English Readiness Portfolio to view course outlines and syllabi, sample assignments, and placement testing information.


Subcommittee Co-Chairs:

Teri Fuller
Assistant Professor, English Developmental Education 
(630) 466-7900, ext. 2732

Michelle Lindquist
Assistant Professor, English Developmental Education
(630) 466-7900, ext. 4664

Todd Laufenberg
Assistant Professor, English
(630)466-7900, ext. 2748

Amanda Swiatek
English Department
East Aurora High School