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STEM Events

Current STEM scholars are required to attend the following events:

  1. Four meetings with your mentor during the Fall 2015 semester. The first meeting must be before September 6, 2015.
  2. The monthly STEM Colloquia on the following Fridays at 11 a.m.: September 11 (STC106), October 9 (STC106), and November 13(TBD)

Current STEM scholars will choose #1 and any TWO of the remaining STEM events:

  1. Any of the Resume Review clinics sponsored by Career Services
  2. Tutoring Center events
  3. Go to the Tutoring Center and take the 20 minute Study Behavior Inventory. You will then have to arrange to meet for about one hour with a staff member to review the results of the Inventory.
  4. Be an officer in a STEM – related student club (i.e. S.O.S. or Phi Theta Kappa). If you are President, that will count as all 3 requirements; other officers count as one event.
  5. Math Competition Exam. The exam will consist of two rounds, one in each semester (fall and spring). Contact Mark Crawford for more information. This will count as one event (pre-competition meetings and practice) and the 1 event for fall semester (for the competition).
  6. 24 Sept           Dr. Ross Powell, Northern Illinois University, Exploring ‘New’ Environments on Earth, 7 PM, Auditorium

  7. 6 Oct               Al Roker, 6 PM, STC106  

  8. 12 Nov            Justin Hoshaw, Waubonsee Community College, What Science Can Teach You about Dating, Love and Sex (That Sex Ed Didn't), 7 PM, Auditorium

Other off-campus events that you may attend on your own:

16 Oct             College of Lake County Speaker Series: Engineering Night – Explore your College and Career Opportunities, 6:30 PM,

13 Nov            College of Lake County Speaker Series: Global Climate Change: The Vital Signs of the Planet, 6:30 PM,


Fermilab Lecture Series

18 Sep            Visualizing the future of biomedicine, Dr Chris Johnson, Univ of Utah

20 Nov            Physics Slam IV 

Other Fermilab Events

Any Fermilab Colloquium, Wednesdays at 4 p.m. in 1 West. Check link for details.

Colloquia in STEM Departments at nearby colleges
For example:
NIU Geology, NIU Mathematics, NIU Chemistry, or NIU Biology

Other opportunities


29 Aug            Breakfast with the Bison, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00p.m.   NIU’s Lorado Taft Field Campus and Nachusa Grasslands (1414 N River Rd, Oregon)

Others TBD

Fox Valley Astronomical Society Public Star Parties

Peck Farm Parking lot, 

22 August         Observing in August, 7:30 PM

19 Sep               Skies the Dinosaurs saw, 7 PM

24 Oct                Observing in October, 7 PM

You may choose any monthly colloquia from a STEM department in any local college that is of interest to you.  Here are just a couple of suggestions at NIU: Geology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science or Biology.  

A GROUP tour of Roquette Innovation Center (Food Science), Fermilab, Argonne National Labs, Adler Planetarium or the Field Museum (see Voorhees if interested)
Others willl be announced here as they become available

Check back often for updates!

Historical events
What we did in the Fall 2011 semester, Spring 2012 semester, Fall 2012 semester, Spring 2013 semester, Spring 2014 semester
Professor Dan Ward gave a  presentation on Scientific Inquiry at the STEM orientation in August of 2011.