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STEM Events

Current STEM scholars are required to attend the following events:

  1. Four meetings with your mentor during the Spring 2014 semester. The first meeting must be before February 3, 2014.
  2. The monthly STEM Colloquia in the STEM room (VON246) on the following Fridays at 11 a.m.: February 14, March 14, and April 18, 2014

Current STEM scholars will choose THREE of the following STEM events:

  1. Any of the Resume Review clinics sponsored by Career Services
  2. Learning Enhancement Center events
  3. Go to the Learning Enhancement Center and take the 20 minute Study Behavior Inventory. You will then have to arrange to meet for about one hour with a Learning Enhancement Specialist to review the results of the Inventory.
  4. Be an officer in a STEM – related student club (i.e. S.O.S. or Phi Theta Kappa). If you are President, that will count as all 3 requirements; other officers count as one event.
  5. Math Competition Exam. The exam will consist of two rounds, one in each semester (fall and spring). Contact Mark Crawford for more information. This will count as one event (pre-competition meetings and practice) and the 1 event for fall semester (for the competition).
  6. February 13  Amy Del Medico, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Waubonsee Community College: Fractals: in, under, above and around you, , Auditorium, 7 PM
  7. February 20  Sam Rhine: Human Cloning & STEM Cells, Auditorium,
  8. March 6,  Megan Dunning, Morton Arboretum: Climate Change for the Gardener, Auditorium, 7PM
  9. February 4, Bill Strond, Professor of Biology, Oakton Community College:’ Preliminary Exploration of the Fauna of Costa Rica’, Oakton Community College, Room 1608 Des Plaines, 1 PM
  10. February 11,  Armin Mozcek, Indiana University, Biology and Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior): 'Origins of Novelty and Diversity in Development and Evolution: Case Studies on Horned Beetles'
Presented by Eastern Illinois University, Lumpkin Hall, Room 2030 (Lumpkin Auditorium), 7 pm.
  11. February 12, Gene Robinson, University of Illinois, Entomology: 'Society to Genes', Eastern Illinois University, Lumpkin Hall, Room 2030 (Lumpkin Auditorium), 5 PM
  12. February 13,   Heather Eisthen, Michigan State University -Zoology: 'Tainted Love: Olfactory Detection of Tetrodotoxin in Rough-skinned Newts', Eastern Illinois University, Lumpkin Hall, Room 2030 (Lumpkin Auditorium), 7 PM
  13. February 14,   Darwin Day Distinguished Lecture, David Jablonksi, Professor of Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago: "Evolution and Extinction: Lessons from the Fossil Record." 7:30 P.M. ESS 001
  14. February 14 to 17, Great Backyard Bird Count,; A citizen science opportunity
  15. March 5, Rebecca Skloot: ‘On The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, 7 PM

Other off-campus events that you may attend on your own:

Fermilab Lecture Series

February 7

Dr. John Carlstrom, Univ of Chicago; What do scientists know about the Big Bang?

April 25

Dr. Nigel Lockyer, Fermilab; Particles as tools for Medicine

Other Fermilab Events

Any Fermilab Colloquium, Wednesdays at 4 p.m. in 1 West. Check link for details.

Colloquia in STEM Departments at nearby colleges
For example:
NIU Geology, NIU Mathematics, NIU Chemistry, or NIU Biology

Roland Quest Lecture Series, Elmhurst College


Other opportunities


Fox Valley Astronomical Society Public Star Parties

Peck Farm Parking lot, 7:30 PM

8 February        How many planets?

8 March             How to photograph the Heavens

12 April             Springtime Skies?

You may choose any monthly colloquia from a STEM department in any local college that is of interest to you.  Here are just a couple of suggestions at NIU: Geology, Mathematics, Chemistry or Biology.  

Any course at the Roquette International Training University
A tour of Fermilab, Argonne National Labs, Adler Planetarium or the Field Museum (if interest)
Others willl be announced here as they become available

Check back often for updates!

Historical events
What we did in the Fall 2011 semester, Spring 2012 semester, Fall 2012 semester, Spring 2013 semester
Professor Dan Ward gave a  presentation on Scientific Inquiry at the STEM orientation in August of 2011.