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Speaking/Listening/Pronunciation II (ETP067)

3.0 Semester Hours

This course is designed for the intermediate English language learner to develop listening and speaking skills for use in an academic, professional or community setting. Students engage in listening, speaking, and note-taking tasks using both formal and informal English. Cultural content about the United States is introduced through topical activities which enhance oral/aural competency. This course provides instruction and practice with the sound, stress, and intonation patterns of the English language. Vowel and consonant practice at the word level moves to sentence activities and more spontaneous speech. Students learn to hear and produce the target language correctly, reduce accents, and use these skills effectively in other coursework.

Recommended Prereq: ETP055; ETP059. Prereq: C or better in ETP057 or placement by assessment.

Recommended Coreq: ETP055, ETP065, or ETP075; ETP059, ETP069, or ETP079.

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