Health Care Interpreting Theory: English/Spanish
Major Code: 642B

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is designed for the practicing health care interpreter who has received on-the-job training. The selected health care interpreting and translation courses provide a body of knowledge and theory to complement and reinforce the skills acquired through experience. Students have the option of taking these courses online.

Course Requirements18

  • COM125 Communication Strategies for Healthcare Careers2
  • HCI102 Survey of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues in Health Care Interpreting3
  • HCI105 Anatomy and Medical Procedures for Health Care Interpreting: English/Spanish3
  • HCI106 Introduction to Health Care Interpreting: English/Spanish3
  • HCI175 Introduction to Medical Translation: English/Spanish3
  • HCI220 Approaches to Health Care in Hispanic Culture3
  • HIT105 Medical Terms for Health Occupations1

Program Total18