Automotive Brake and Suspension
Major Code: 716A

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is a comprehensive program covering the fundamentals of both front- and rear-wheel drive suspension and alignment. Additionally, the student learns to repair and overhaul brake systems for both domestic and foreign cars. Hydraulic systems are diagnosed and repaired, including master cylinders. Drum/disc brake diagnosis and repair include measuring and machining of brake drums/rotors. Anti-lock brake systems are covered. After successful completion of the certificate, the student should be eligible to take ASE's Brakes Exam and the Suspension and Steering Exam.

Course Requirements11

  • AUT100 Fundamentals of Automotive Technology2
  • AUT112 Automotive Brake Systems3
  • AUT122 Automotive Suspension and Wheel Alignment3
  • AUT232 Advanced Brakes and Suspension Systems3

Program Total11

Major course shown in color requires minimum grade of C.