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Bob Johnson

Business and Career Technologies
Multimedia Trainer (CTLT)
I am here to assist with your multimedia needs. I can help identify the technology that can assist you with reaching your learning outcomes and enhancing the learning by your students.

  • Dreamweaver CS3 provides training in Web page/site development (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced sessions).
  • Web Templates (for faculty, departmental sites, and mywcc pages) provides training on how to apply the Waubonsee templates and styles to your Web pages.
  • Blogs and Wikis provides information and resources on creating and controling a blog or wiki for your course or departmental use.
  • Photoshop CS3 provides training on how to modify your digital prints and some Web graphic basics (Beginner and Animated GIF sessions).
  • Digital Photography provides training on taking better photos covering composition and technical considerations along with an open lab.
  • Podcasting provides training on creating, editing, and publishing a podcast for others to receive.
  • Audio Based Content provides training on recording and editing audio with free tools that can be embedded into WebCT
  • Freeware: Exploring Open Source provides information on popular FREE software available that can meet the needs of equivalent software used on campus. Another session is planned to focus on maximizing results from searching the Internet and browser basics.
  • Exploring Web 2.0 is a presentation by faculty showcasing their classroom technology implementations including their processes and outcomes.
  • Captivate 3 provides training on the software to create online lessons or assessments in the form of tutorials, simulations, and more.
  • Media Open Lab provides the chance for open questions on the equipment available in the media lab.
  • Tegrity provides training in a new technology on campus to record your classroom lectures for later playback.
  • RSS Feeds provides knowledge of RSS and how you can reduce your time online and get to more precise, targeted infromation online.
  • Google Docs provides guidance in this service with emphasis on how it can be utilized in the classroom.
  • Video Projects provides understanding in the services offerered on campus to help complete video projects for the classroom.
  • LiveScribe provides training in a digital pen with synced audio that can be uploaded for quick reference lessons.
  • Conquer Collaboration Chaos provides a discussion format on classroom collaboration and online tools that can ease the pain of including collaborative activities in a course
  • Managing Online Discussions provides guidance, best practices, and tips for creating a learner centered discussion within the online environment with guidance on maintaining a professional atmosphere, inspiring an engaging learning environment through learner participation, and tips on managing those discussions efficiently and effectively.
  • Exploring Web 2.0 is used to spotlight faculty projects or initiatives exploring Web 2.0 technologies in their classrooms or online. Running one to two sessions each semester you can participate in the live audience or view the recording online while on campus.
  • Blackboard Training: Converting Your Course From WebCT to Blackboard 9 provides a full day of training on the tools and functions available in Blackboard used in WebCT to facilitate the transition of your course materials.
  • Blackboard Entry Point Enhancement provides guidance on technical aspects of Bb9's Entry Point and quick processes to enhance your course entry for your students.
  • Diigo Social Bookmarking provides training in the use of Diigo as your online bookmark location.
  • Online Lessons with WebSlides provides training in a feature of Diigo to quickly build lessons from a series of bookmarks allowing for narrated audio and interactivity.
  • Media Lab Series: From Pen and Paper to Electronic Lessons provides training in equipment available for checkout that captures what you say while writing on paper that can be uploaded as a playable lesson for your students.
  • Media Lab Series: Quick and Easy Audio provides training in equipment available for checkout that provides flexibility in capturing audio anywhere uploadable for student listening needs.
  • Media Lab Series: Quick and Easy Video Projects provides training in equipment available for checkout that handles digital video capture with simple editing for quick video project turn around.
  • Blackboard: Convert Your WebCT Course provides training in 8 hours to understand the basics of Blackboard course creation tools to quickly move your course from WebCT.
  • Blackboard: Supplemental Shells provides training in Blackboard tools to support your f2f course.
  • Blackboard Open Lab providesexpert guidance and assistance in a relaxed group environment.
  • Teaching and Learning: Accentuate Activities with CamStudio provides training in the use of screencasting as a method of instructing or providing tutorial based assistance in your courses.
  • Conquer Collaboration Chaos! Free Web 2.0 Tools Make Collaboration a Breeze! provides a review of free Web 2.0 tools like Google Docs, blogs, wikis, and Skype, which make collaboration easy for everyone.
  • Faculty Web Pages Made Easy provides direction and technical knowledge in utilizing the Cascade Server Web software to create your 'marketing' presence to the public on your interests, specialties, and research.
  • Lesson Creation with WebSlides provides an understanding of a Diigo service to create engaging and interactive lessons online using bookmarked lists or RSS feeds.
  • Media Lab Series: From Pen and Paper to Electronic Lessons explores the available resources for checkout through the CTLT and their pedagogical uses in your classroom. This session will focus on the LiveScribe Pulse Pen allowing you to write on paper and have your writing captured in real time with your spoken word. You can create powerful instructional materials that can be referenced within your Blackboard courses.
  • Media Lab Series: Quick and Easy Video Projects explores the available resources for checkout through the CTLT and their pedagogical uses in your classroom. This session will focus on the Flip allowing you to easily create videos in a digital format ready to be streamed to your students.
  • Media Lab Series: Quick and Easy Audio explores the available resources for checkout through the CTLT and their pedagogical uses in your classroom. This session will focus on the Apple Video iPod allowing you to record your voice quickly and easily in a digital format to be streamed to your students. You can create powerful instructional materials that can be referenced within your Blackboard courses.
  • Photography: Organizing Your Digital Photos covers ways to download images from common camera brands and discuss strategies for organizing and archiving your pictures.
  • Transforming Powerpoint to Online Lessons covers the use of the iSpringFree software to convert Powerpoints preserving all aspects including videos and audio into a Web friendly Flash-based Web page (COMING SUMMER 2011).
  • Blackboard: Audio/Video Integration and Best Practices covers the necessary guidelines of permissions and options available for presenting multimedia to your students.
  • Classroom Clickers: Socrative Online covers the online tool available to enable clickers within the classroom using any personal device that is web-enabled.
  • Classroom gaming: Jeopardy explores the website for game based learning engagement within your class.
  • Faculty Drop In discussion Series allows faculty to meet and discuss topics throughout the semester.
  • LanSchool Computer Classroom Management provides instruction on the new computer lab software for controlling the classroom.
  • Life/Work Smart Phone Integration provides options to integrate main services on campus with your smart phone and additional options to help balance your life.
  • Blackboard Video Everywhere - Learn how to use the webcam text editor button within Balckboard. See how it integrates with other campus services to create a seamless way to include quick and easy video into your courses directly in Blackboard. This can be a useful toold for content development, feedback to students on their work, student presentations, and bringing life to the words in Discussion Forums. This can help create more engagement in your courses!
  • TED Ed: Quick and Easy Flipped Lessons - Learn a new tool provided by allowing you to create complete mini lessons for your students. Features include the ability to select online videos as the basis and optionally attach discussions, assessments and more to your lessons you create. A very powerful tool to move towards the flipped classroom or provide additional learning materials on more difficult subject matter.
  • Google Apps: Drive (Docs) - Learn best practices for using Google Drive in your classroom. Topics are approached from a pedagogical standpoint to explore the features and tools available and how they can aid you in your teaching and learning environment.
  • Google Apps: Hangouts - Hangouts is a feature made possible by Google+. Hangouts is web conferencing with many features available. Learn how to create a Hangout for others to join and how to control the features available to engage your students in online communications.
  • Mobile Teaching & Learning - This session provides knowledge in Blackboard Mobile Learn and other mobile app technologies available assisting in teaching and learning processes. Explore what is possible within the Blackboard Mobile app and what can be achieved through your mobile browser. Remaining time will present other mobile app technologies that assist the educational environment.
  • Google Apps: Calendar - This session will explore the Google Calendar tool and its features to provide a robust and efficient way to incorporate a calendar into your course sections to aid in student learning. Key areas will be setting up the necessary public access to enable student viewing and the creation and configuration of multiple calendars within your account to separate entries between your various uses of the tool.
  • Google Apps: YouTube - YouTube is a highly accessed video platform. Learn how you can use this in your teaching and learning environment not only consuming but more importantly, producing video content. Tools, tips, tricks will be presented to create content or have students use the tools to produce content for assessment purposes. Discussion to include automating captions in videos to cover accessibility needs.
  • Google Apps: Voice - Attend this session to learn easy to use tools such as Google Voice and Windows 7 Speech Recognition to generate content for your courses. Learn how a simple phone message can be made that generates a playable version you can host in Blackboard and have a transcription of the message created for you. Learn how to forward you phone extension so you can access your messages easily from your email or mobile device. Explore a powerful Windows tool that will allow you to speek commands and content to eliminate or reduce the normal typing involved with posting announcements, grading of assignments, and more.
  • Curating the Web - Everyone has favorite sites they like to visit. Many run out of time to visit those sites individually and keep up. Some have used tools to collect all that information into a single digest to consume the information easily. Register to find out how you can use the Feedly tool to collect the information you want to keep up with online. Find out how this one tool can help you in your professional and personal life to keep up on the latest news and other information. This session will also assist those making the transition from Google Reader to the Feedly Normandy service to avoid any interuption.
  • Google Apps: Google+ Social Networking - Google+ is a platform similar to Facebook but with some great, hidden features that can enhance teaching and learning. This session will specifically use your personal account to explore the Google+ feature set focusing on Hangouts, specifically Hangouts on Air. Learn how you can connect with people across the world to conduct interviews or have guest speakers for a class and make it a recorded event to be re-used for other classes or semesters.
  • Google Apps: Reader RSS Feeds - Everyone has favorite sites they like to visit. Many run out of time to visit those sites individually and keep up. Some have used tools to collect all that information into a single digest to consume the information easily. Register to find out how you can use a Google Reader tool to collect the information you want to keep up with online. Find out how this one tool can help you in your professional and personal life to keep up on the latest news and other information.
  • ThingLink Interactive Images - They say that an image is worth a thousand words. What if you could make that image worth even more? Learn a Web tool that allows you to easily add interactivity to a standard image to add to the message and meaning behind using images to aid in teaching and learning.
  • Google Apps: Picasa - Picasa is a powerful tool that you can use to organize, edit, and share your photographs. Explore how you can use this tool to enhance the teaching and learning environment. See how you can use this app in the context of our Waubonsee Google presence.
  • Google Apps for Education and You - General overview of the new Google Apps for Education launched across campus. Learn tips and tricks on accessing and setting up your account and uses of the various apps available in the professional, teaching and learning environment.
  • OneNote and Cloud Computing - Want to Green your note taking process?  Learn how to use Microsoft OneNote on an iPad or Tablet to simplify your documentation process at meetings. Create a Microsoft Account and join the Cloud to share and sync documents. Also see what other cloud computing applications are available.
  • Classroom Gaming: PowerPoint Templates - Learn to use a free PowerPoint Templates to play a few familiar engaging games. Some game templates to be expIored are Waubonsee (Hollywood) Squares, Password and $25,000 Pyramid. Active building in the session will help you create your first game that can be used in your classes.
  • Faculty to Faculty Classroom Projects Series - Come learn from and share with fellow faculty in an interactive discussion session on classroom projects undertaken on campus. Each session will present a different topic from Waubonsee faculty.
  • Diigo Group Discussions - This session will explore the use of online tools for bookmarking sites and explore the benefits and uses in your on campus or online courses. It will provide a brief introduction with an emphasis on the use of groups and facilitating discussions within the group's online resources.
  • Wimba Voice - Learn about the Wimba Voice tools available on campus to go beyond simple text for communications, activities, and assessments in your classes. This is a great voice-based tool available for both traditional and online classes.

In addition, I am available for one on one training if you have a special need or can't attend a scheduled session. I look forward to providing my services to you including assistance with the poster printer, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and more. Lastly, faculty enrolled in the Integrating Technology in the College Classroom graduate course offered in partnership with Aurora University will interact with me in select topics of the online course.

I have a video series available as well sharing multimedia tips available at this site: Many providing general insight into options available to faculty to aid in their course design work.

These are some of the various places I can be found online:

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