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Dr. Jacqueline Rothschild-Massa

Social Sciences, Education and World Languages
Academic background

I received my Associates in Arts and Science degree from Illinois Central College in Peoria Illinois with a major in Psychology.I recieved My Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Psychology,and Master of Arts degree with a major in Experimental Psychology from Bradley University in Peoria Illinois. Finally my Doctoral Degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction for Higher Education came from Illinois State University in Normal Illinois.

Teaching experience

I have been teaching college for more than twenty years now and have taught all levels of psychology from introductory courses through graduate school. I have also taught at different types of institutions from community colleges, to private liberal arts colleges, to a large state university. I have taught eleven different types of psychology classes throughout the years but for the last few years I have been focusing on introduction to psychology and lifespan psychology.

Clinical background

In addition to teaching I have done clinical work in the past. I worked part time in a large state mental hospital, and also for a while at private hospital on a floor for women's psychiatric disorders. Most recently, I worked as an emergency psychological response specialist covering a two county area responding to any psychological emergency in progress.


My specialization is experimental psychology and I have done research, published, made national presentations, received grants, and awards on the topic of student learning styles as well as on other psychological topics.


Community College Journal of Research and Practice
Preferred Learning Styles and Teaching Strategies in the Honors Classroom

Community College Journal of Research and Practice
Intercorrelates of Instructional Responses with Post Secondary Students Learning Styles
and Personality Traits.


Experimental Learning Grant from Waubonsee Community College
Assessing Student Learning Needs to Enhance Teaching and Learning
Experimental Learning Grant from Waubonsee Community College
Wrote research and statistics handbook to be used in psychology research methodology course


Community College League of California
Student Learning Styles and Academic Success

National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development
University of Texas 14th Annual International Conference on Teaching Excellence
Excellence: Teaching in the Honors Classroom

Graduation Commencement Speaker
Waubonsee Community College GED Graduation

Midwest Institute for Teaching of Psychology
A Teaching Approach to Psychology Research Methodology

Certificates and Awards

Lifetime College Teaching Certificate
State of California

Master Teacher Award
National Institute For Staff and Organizational Development

Teaching modes

I have taught face to face classes, online classes, two way interactive classes, and telecommunication classes.

Cross cultural experience

I spent some time teaching on a Native American reservation in California. I also spent some time teaching on a campus with a large Hispanic and African American student population.

Curriculum development

I developed new courses in Life-span Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, and a telecourse in Abnormal Psychology


Aurora Downtown Campus
(630) 801-7900 ext. 4665