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Image of Heidy Kindelin

Heidy Kindelin

Access Center for Disability Resources
Counselor/Associate Professor

Welcome! I am Heidy Kindelin, Counselor/Associate Professor at Waubonsee. My roles is to support the academic, personal and career development of students registered with the Access Center for Disability Resources. I guide students to make academic, personal and career choices in order to become successful adults.

At Waubonsee

I have worked as a counselor at Waubonsee Community College since 1995 and have been the counselor for the Access Center for Disability Resources since 2001. I am proficient in sign language.

Educational & Licensure

Post Graduate Studies Northern Illinois University and Saint Xavier University

M. A. Rehabilitation Counseling from Northern Illinois University

B. S. Deaf Education from Illinois State University

A. A. Moraine Valley Community College

CRC Certified Rehabilitation Counselor since 1981

Type 10 Teaching Certificate

Professional Memberships

AHEAD Association of Higher Education and Disability

NACADA National Academic Advising Association


Perspectives in Education and Deafness


Sugar Grove Campus
(630) 466-7900 ext. 2274

Office Hours:

Monday 8:00-5:30 Sugar Grove

Tuesday 8:00-4:30 Sugar Grove

Wednesday 8:00-11:30 Aurora and 12 noon -7:00 Sugar Grove

Thursday 8:00-4:30 Sugar Grove

Friday 8:00-12:30 Sugar Grove

Counselor hours and locations are subject to change at times. To ensure that I will be available when you want to see me, please call first. You can always make an appointment by calling me directly or by calling the Counseling front desk at (630) 466-2361.