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Humanities Matter

Why the Humanities Matter:

There are a number of reasons why the Humanities matter. Below you will find four multimedia presentations justifying and celebrating humanities curricula, specifically the Waubonsee Community College approach. In the following section, I will address the most prominent, false statements concerning humanities studies.


We Start with Humanism Landmarks of the Humanities


Why the humanities matter     A Survey of Humanism and the Humanities

Addressing the Naysayers

Myth #1: Humanities majors are not employable.

FALSE! More than two thirds of humanities majors enter the private sector primarily in the financial and business fields. These areas are the fastest growing fields within the economy. Of 100 CEO's in fortune 500 companies (those with the highest market capitalization) 34% held humanities degrees, and 31% held science or technology degrees.

Myth #2: Humanities majors lack the skills to succeed in business.

FALSE! A survey of the top fortune 500 CEO's revealed that employers seek employees who effectively communicate orally and in writing, demonstrate strong critical thinking and analytical reasoning, are able to solve complex problems in innovative ways, and are strong decision-makers with a deep concern for ethics.

Myth #3: The Humanities are academic and have no relevance to our modern lives.

FALSE! In a global world, the humanities help us understand others through their cultures, their histories, their worldviews, and their languages. We are based in social justice and open-mindedness, fostering empathy and an intellectual view of the world. The humanities ask students to think about the many sides of big issues, remain skeptical of faulty arguments, and weigh the evidence. We are centered on creativity, and what it means to be human. We think about the questions as opposed to the formulaic answers.


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