Book Buybacks

The Waubonsee Bookstore conducts retail book buyback during the last week of each term. We encourage you to "recycle" your no-longer needed textbooks. The bookstore pays up to 50 percent of the new book price for books being used again on campus next term. Quantity limits and restrictions apply. Books not purchased for resale at Waubonsee may be purchased for shipment off campus to a wholesale book company at current market value as determined by the wholesaler.

Don't want to wait for the term end buy, because you need the cash now? WCC Bookstore can help! We conduct over-the counter (OTC) buys periodically during each semester. Books purchased at the OTC buys will be purchased at the fair market value of the book at that time. Please see chart below for dates and times for summer 2014 OTC buys. Cash 'em in while they still have value.

Buyback Graphic

More Savings

The best value a student can get is to purchase a used textbook and sell it back to the bookstore during retail buybacks for up to 50% of the new book price.