Residency Requirements

Waubonsee charges tuition and fees based on your residency.

  • District Students
    To qualify as district students, individuals must reside within District 516 (pdf) for at least 30 days immediately prior to the date established by Waubonsee Community College for classes to begin.

In-District Employment: Students who do not live in the district but who are employed by a business in the district for at least 35 hours per week may be granted in-district tuition rates. These cases are considered individually, and students may be required to furnish legal evidence of employment. In these cases, students who are granted in-district fees are NOT considered district residents.

Cooperative Agreements/Tuition Chargeback: District 516 students who wish to pursue a degree or certificate not offered by Waubonsee may qualify for in-district tuition rates at another community college through a cooperative agreement or tuition chargeback. See our special tuition policies

  • Out-of-District Students
    Students who reside in Illinois for at least 30 days prior to the date established by the district for classes to begin, but outside of Community College District 516 (pdf), are considered out-of-district students.
  • Out-of-State Students
    Students whose legal residence is outside of Illinois are considered out-of-state students.

Proof of Residency
Students may be required to furnish legal evidence of their residency. If required, a student must submit a total of three documents (one from each category below) to the Registration and Records office at the Sugar Grove, Aurora or Plano Campuses. Each document must list the student's name and residential address (not a Post Office box), and at least one of the documents must be dated within the last 30 days. If you have any questions, call Registration and Records at (630) 466-7900, ext. 2960.

You can also download a pdf of the "Documentation of Residency Requirements" listed below.

Category I Category II Category III
Contract to purchase home in district Paycheck stub Bills:
Property tax bill Tax return    -Gas
Property Assessment Statement W-2    -Electric
Home Insurance Declaration Page 1098-T (not from Waubonsee)    -Telephone
Homeowner's Association Notice 1099 Interest Statement    -Water
Mortgage Agreement Social Security Statement    -Medical/Dental
Property Closing Statement FAFSA downloaded information    -Credit Card Statement
Rental Contract or Lease INS Documentation Installment Loan Documentation
(Car/Boat/Motorcycle, etc.)
Voter's Registration Card * Voter's Registration Card * Library Card (must include name
and address)
Voter's History (online) Vehicle Registration Card Bank Statement
Current Illinois Driver's License Current Pilot's License Newspaper/Magazine
subscription mailing label
Current Illinois State ID Current Illinois Firearm Owners
ID Card (FOID Card)
Shelter Residency Document
(i.e. Hesed House)
Jury Duty Notice
Firearms License Unemployment Check Stub
  Military Active Duty/Discharge Documentation

*Can be used for either Category I or II — not both