Foundation Board

Local leaders providing critical support for our students and our community

The Foundation Board of Directors is made up of community members from the College district, a Board of Trustees Liaison, the President of the College, the Director of Fund Development, a treasurer and several college administrators who are ex-officio members.


photo of Penelope Cameron
Penelope Cameron
photo of Gerald Palmer
Gerald Palmer
Vice President
photo of Michael Ochsenschlager
Michael Ochsenschlager


photo of Dr. Ellen Barnes
Dr. Ellen Barnes
photo of Dale Berman
Dale Berman
photo of John Cordogan
John Cordogan
photo of Gerard Dempsey
Gerard Dempsey
photo of Terrence Duffy
Terrence Duffy
photo of Andrew Faville
Andrew Faville
photo of Stan Free
Stan Free
photo of Eduardo Gil
Eduardo Gil
photo of Theodia Gillespie
Theodia Gillespie
photo of Dr. Sherry Gray
Dr. Sherry Gray
photo of Roger Harris
Roger Harris
photo of Richard Hawks
Richard Hawks
photo of Dr. Diane Homan
Dr. Diane Homan
photo of Dr. Thomas Huberty
Dr. Thomas Huberty
photo of Gloria Kazanova
Gloria Kazanova
photo of Angelo Kleronomos
Angelo Kleronomos
photo of Daniel Kramer
Daniel Kramer
photo of William Murphy
William Murphy
photo of Rebecca Oliver
Rebecca Oliver
photo of Jan Patranella
Jan Patranella
photo of Bonnie Proctor
Bonnie Proctor
photo of James Rhoades
James Rhoades
photo of William Skoglund
William Skoglund

Waubonsee Board of Trustees Liaison: Rebecca Oliver
Waubonsee College President: Christine J. Sobek, Ed.D.
Waubonsee Vice President of Quality and Strategic Development: Karen Stewart, Ed.D.
Waubonsee Assistant Vice President of Finance and Foundation Executive Treasurer: Darla Cardine
Waubonsee Director of Fund Development: Katharine Richards

For more information on the Foundation Board, please contact the Office of Fund Development.