Student records are protected for any persons currently enrolled or who have previously been enrolled. Additionally, record protection includes those persons for whom a record has been created and maintained prior to enrollment.

Directory information pertaining to students of Waubonsee Community College is never knowingly provided to any requester for a commercial purpose. Registration and Records strictly adheres to the policies governing students' educational records under FERPA. The office maintains a strict policy of releasing student information only to college officials (including campus police officers) who have a legitimate, college-related educational or administrative interest and need to review an educational record in order to fulfill their professional responsibility.

In addition, established policies, federal law or regulations, and state law or regulations are followed with respect to releasing data from educational records without seeking consent from students. For example, the college may release information to organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf, of educational agencies or institutions for the purpose of administering student aid programs and improving instruction. The college may also release to the public certain categories of information known as "directory information."

The Department of Education has issued other regulations that allow Waubonsee to:

  • Disclose information to appropriate officials in a health or safety emergency, and
  • Notify parents of students under the age of 21 when the student has violated any law or policy concerning the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance.

Waubonsee is also in compliance with the Solomon Amendment (32 CFR, Part 216 by the Department of Defense) of the National Defense Authorization Act. This amendment gives branches of the military access to student directory information for student recruiting purposes.

A copy of the full FERPA policy is available from the Family Policy Compliance Office.


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