In the Latinx Resource Center, you can find Iris, Gabriel, and Franklin, who can meet with you on 1-on-1 through virtual or in-person conversations to learn more about how to find the help you need or to learn how to become more involved with the LRC.

Let Us Help You!

How We Can Help?

We can help you with:

  • Financial Aid, Paying for College or Applying for Scholarships
  • Referrals to Social, Mental or Emotional Support
  • DACA Renewal or Immigration
  • Family Concerns
  • Campus and Community Resources

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule your individualized (30-minute) in-person meeting or Zoom meeting so we can understand what your unique needs are.
¡Tengamos Una Conversación! Let’s Talk! Schedule your one-on-one meeting today!

Conchas y Cafe Platicas

In addition, The LRC offers Conchas y Cafe Placitas, where we welcome students to build a comunidad and come together to discuss challenges, learn about new resources and opportunities, and find support.

Conchas y Cafe Platicas is held once a month in Spanish and English and is open to all students. Check out the Waubonsee calendar to see when the next one is happening!

The new LRC Center is coming Spring 2022!

Here’s what you can expect when it opens:

  • The LRC space will consist of a study and social area for students to engage in conversation with their peers and participate in different programs.  
  • College readiness and student development presentation will be available for students from various departments  
  • The Center will have shelves of information regarding resources of our college and surrounding community.  
  • The Center will provide Latinx cultural and academic books by leaders and successful Latinx professionals who have made an impact on the Latinx Community in America.  
  • We look forward to having screens to stream documentaries and events happening at Waubonsee through zoom. In addition, music, radio shows, traditional programs and sports in the Latino Community.  
  • Giveaways and other items will be available to students.  
  • Light refreshments and food will be provided during programs and events  

Note* LRC will have partial operations and in-person events until the LRC is remodeled completely