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February 24 – April 1, 2017
Arrowhead Gallery

Coded Stories #2 (all the chatter) by Sarah Rehmer, 2016, encaustic, paper, and oil on panel, 24 x 24 in.

Sarah Rehmer's Artist Statement:
Remains of the day presents work from multiple ongoing bodies of work, all with the central theme of loss and decay. Shortly after graduating college my maternal Grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and dementia. I used this as a catalyst in the studio as a way of exploring and coping with my feelings of watching this strong and independent woman slowly fade away over almost ten years. My ongoing bodies of work use the dismantled and decaying antique book as metaphor for memory and more specifically memory loss. I am interested in what happens to these memories when they can no longer be remembered, if the individual can no longer recall an event or memory, did it ever really occur?

In my series of work upheavals and outbursts, I am interested in what happens to those memories and events that we choose to forget or ignore. Often we deeply bury memories that we just plain do not want to deal with or remember, however, eventually something will trigger these memories to rise to the surface and breakthrough in perhaps an unpleasant or confrontational manner.

Coded Stories series is about our insecurities, the things we hide from not only society, but friends/family/partners. Some of the works include these thoughts that have been translated into Morse code, while others are just dots and dashes made in the negative spaces between the lines of paper chatter. I felt that with the history of Morse code being utilized for distress signals, there was no appropriate way to put these thoughts into the work. While these thoughts come from my life experience, they are nothing unique, and are likely very common thoughts for many people. I have included works that carry over elements from my upheavals and outbursts series, as it still is quite appropriate to this work. We can only tell ourselves lies and send our distress calls for so long before there will be an emotional upheaval and outburst.

I am often drawn to photographing scenes with repetition of line and pattern as well areas where humans once were, but have seemed to abandon. My works are mixed media, blurring lines between photography and painting. As humans, we leave our mark behind on the spaces we inhabit in the form of detritus, graffiti, and all together abandonment- leaving a space to the mercy of mother nature and time. I find beauty in the empty and decaying spaces of our collective cultural history. The memory of human interactions with the spaces we inhabit can be beautiful and destructive all at the same time.”

Sarah Rehmer was born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, where she still resides. In 2003 Rehmer earned her BA in Graphic Design and Photography from Dominican University in River Forest, IL. She found her love for working with pages from old books at Dominican University. Rehmer is a 2012 Illinois Arts Council - Professional Development Grant recipient. Her work is held in private collections both nationally and internationally, as well as Institutional and Corporate collections in Illinois and New York. Rehmer teaches classes and workshops around the Midwest at venues such as The John Michael Kohler Arts Center (WI), The Peninsula School of Art (WI) and The Figge Art Museum (IA) and is also a regional workshop instructor for R&F Handmade Paints. She has also been a visiting artist at a number of high schools and colleges in the Chicago area.

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