Procedure for Entering the Interpreter Training Program

Students new to Waubonsee:

Submit the online New Student Application for Admissions

All students:

  • Meet with Academic and Career Advising to establish a schedule for completing required prerequisite courses. All courses must be complete with a grade of C or better in order to be eligible for Interpreter Training (ITP) courses. SGN courses marked with * require an additional combined GPA of 3.0 or higher:
    • SGN101 American Sign Language I
    • SGN102 American Sign Language II
    • SGN104 Signs in Everyday Use*
    • SGN105 Linguistics of ASL I*
    • SGN106 Linguistics of ASL II*
    • SGN108 Conceptually Accurate Signed English*
    • SGN110 Introduction to American Deaf Culture
  • Students who complete prerequisites or equivalencies not at Waubonsee must submit Official (unopened) transcripts to Registration and Records with a Transcript Evaluation Request Form (TERF) to receive course credit. This should be completed as early as possible, ideally prior to applying for the program.

Completing the Interpreter Training Associates in Applied Science (AAS) Degree


Once enrolled in the program, students must:

  • Follow prescribed major course progression below and maintain a grade of C or better in all program requirements, including general education requirements.
  • Complete all ITP courses within the three-semester timeline. Exceptions for future course offerings cannot be guaranteed.
  • Complete required practicum hours for ITP290 The Interpreter as Practitioner.

Required Course Pathway*

Fall – 15 credit hours
ITP200 Introduction to Interpreting
ITP210 Etymology for Interpreters
ITP211 Transliterating I
ITP221 Interpreting I
ITP231 Sign to Voice I

Spring – 15 credit hours
ITP212 Transliterating II
ITP222 Topics in Interpreting
ITP223 Interpreting II
ITP230 Specialized Areas of Interpreting
ITP232 Sign to Voice II

Summer – 3 credit hours
ITP290 The Interpreter as Practitioner

*Semester courses are taken concurrently. Students must register for all noted courses at the same time. All courses must be completed successfully to progress in the program.

Contacts and Questions

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General questions not addressed here or by an advisor can be directed to the Office of Health Professions and Public Service via: or (630) 870-3900.