Automotive Technology AAS

  • Identify internal combustion engine service issue
  • Demonstrate the ability to inspect, adjust and replace transmissions
  • Diagnose and repair steering and suspension systems
  • Use appropriate tools and equipment to perform brake service
  • Diagnose issues with electrical systems
  • Diagnose and repair heating and air conditioning units

Electrical/Electronic Certificate

  • Evaluate battery starting and charging system issues
  • Use appropriate tools to repair shorts, opens and high resistance electrical faults
  • Diagnose and repair faulty motor-driven accessory circuits
  • Diagnose and repair lighting systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to repair electrical connectors, terminals and wiring harness

Auto Maintenance Certificate

  • Diagnosis OBD II related drivability problems
  • Use appropriate tools or equipment to perform maintenance on timing chains, water pumps and cylinder heads
  • Diagnose and repair break and suspension issues
  • Use appropriate tools to diagnose electrical/electronic circuit problems
  • Demonstrate the ability to repair manual and automatic transmission/transaxle issues
  • Evaluate HVAC system performance and service as required