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Put your entrepreneurial spirit to work with a career in real estate, and you’ll see your earning potential soar while you set a schedule that works for your lifestyle.

The Real Estate Certificate Program at Waubonsee opens the door to everything you want to know about this business, from markets to financing — so much more than home sales.

You can complete the program quickly and get to work in this rewarding field.

Real Estate Courses

Studying Real Estate at Waubonsee

Waubonsee’s Real Estate Program is led by licensed and credentialed faculty instructors who have real-world experience with a wide variety of real estate transactions. The result? You have real-world case studies to learn from and apply your knowledge to, which will benefit your real estate business.

Courses are available in both campus classroom and online formats, which means you have flexibility to complete your studies in the time and place that works best for you. Plus, you’ll be earning your professional licensure at the same time you’re earning college credit -- maximizing your time and your future possibilities.

Working in Real Estate

Many people reach out to real estate professionals to simplify the complex process of purchasing a home — often one of the most important purchases they will make. Waubonsee's certificate programs can prepare you to become a real estate broker, real estate managing broker, or property and real estate manager, with expertise in the regulations that govern each state.


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