If you have a passionate interest in the experience of LatinX people in the U.S. and Latin American heritage–history, culture and contemporary issues–check out our LatinX Studies Pathway (PDF).

The courses that make up this pathway prepare students who may want to pursue a major or minor in Latin American and LatinX studies upon transferring to a four-year institution.

Our new class, Introduction to Latin American Civilizations and Culture, which begins Sept. 18 and meets Wednesday evenings at our Aurora Downtown Campus, is an ideal way to learn about the diverse backgrounds, cultural identities and experiences of LatinX people in the U.S. and their connections to Latin America. The course invites students to examine Latin American civilizations as well as historical, political, economic and social aspects of the LatinX experience in the U.S. Topics include colonialism, immigration and identity politics within the LatinX community. Texts include literature, visual art, cinema, and music. Contexts include Latin America, and LatinX communities in the U.S., including those in Chicago and Aurora.

LatinX Studies Pathway (PDF)


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For more information on the LatinX Pathway, contact Dr. Janette Funaro at (630) 466-5771 or Cindy Sparr at (630) 466-2925.