April 10 – May 6, 2015

Arrowhead Gallery
Student Group Show

Stamp Portrait by Adam Cantalopo, 2014, Ink, 28 x 22 in.

The Skyway Selections, 2015 exhibition featured a selection of artworks (finalists and runners-up works) from the 1st tier of the jurying process that was a part of the Annual Skyway Juried Art Competition and Exhibition. Guest Juror, Frank Trankina, Associate Professor of Art at Northern Illinois University, chose the 25 finalists (and the 10 runners-up) who represented Waubonsee Community College in the 2015 Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference Juried Art Competition. All 35 artworks (25 finalists and 10 runners-up) displayed were created Waubonsee Community College students.

The finalists were:


Kate Abegg’s (Hanson’s) digital photograph Hollow

Ashley Blocker’s mixed media drawing Crayons

Adam Cantalopo’s drawing (made of prints from a stamp) Stamp Portrait

Michelle Conklin’s digital photograph Almost Home

Esther Espino’s digital photographs Confined and Pinks

Taylor Fatland’s painting Taurus

Xavier Garcia’s conte crayon drawing Speaker

Ruby Garza’s charcoal drawing Skull

Caitlin Geiger’s ceramic relief sculpture Rawr and her acrylic painting Splotches

Kelsy Goodwin’s digital photograph Ghost

Yebin Lee’s charcoal drawing Cloths

Claudia Leiva’s typography animation Marry Me

Anna Lopatin’s paper cut Paper Chase

Federico Magana’s digital photograph Front Porch

Juan Montano’s digital photographs K and Heart Heart Head

Katelyn Phillips’ ink pen drawing Dried Sunflower

Lara Popowitch’s ceramic sculpture Radio Cradle

Casey Rose’s painting 10 to 5 in the Autumn, his mixed media sculpture Circuitree and his charcoal drawing Stationary

Olivia Villalobos’ charcoal drawing Scarves

Les Westphal’s digital photograph Looking Out

The runners-up were:
1. Whitley Cook’s digital photograph Rippled Reflections
2. Nicholas Nuckles’ acrylic painting Down to the Bone
3. Carissa Hartwig’s silver gelatin photograph Three Legged Dog
4. Ashley Blocker’s charcoal drawing Mannequin
5. Ruby Garza’s charcoal drawing Mannequin Study
6. Amanda Meyer’s 4x5 negative scan inkjet print Nature Within; Connection
7. Edra Duerkes’ digital photograph Night Traffic
8. Anna Lopatin’s graphite drawing Kissinger
9. Amanda Meyer’s digital photograph Poison
10. Salvador Rodriguez’s charcoal drawing Fabric

For more information about the art exhibitions at Waubonsee Community College, contact Cecilia Vargas, Art Coordinator, at (630) 466-2964.


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Art Department:

Art Coordinator:
Cecilia Vargas, Von Ohlen Hall, Room 209
(630) 466-2964

Art Lab Assistant:
Esther Espino, Von Ohlen Hall, Room 240
(630) 466-5742