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Semester: Fall 2022
Credit Hours: 3.0
Course Fee: $ 10.00
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Fall 2022
Prereq or Coreq required | Additional Fee(s)

This course is designed to increase sign development for interpreters. Emphasis is given to the analysis of word meanings in various contexts, correct fingerspelling, and the correct selection and production of sign equivalents. Students are also introduced to the theory and history of transliterating as well as specific strategies to employ when voice to sign transliterating.

Prereq: Successful completion of all SGN courses with a C or better.
Coreq: ITP200; ITP211; ITP221; ITP231.

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Open MW 1:30pm-2:45pm
Course Location

Aurora Downtown, Room 382

Aurora Downtown Campus
Waubonsee Community College
18 S. River St.
Aurora, IL 60506-4134
(630) 801-7900

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