This instructor-led interactive course series introduces learners to the essential financial functions available in Excel. Functions for calculating investment values, internal rate of return, and asset depreciation will be demonstrated. Forecasting tools and payment functions will also be shared. Course fee includes instructional materials.

Spring 2022
Noncredit 0.0
Class Fee: $169.00
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All class sessions meet face-to-face in a traditional classroom setting, but every session is also broadcast through the Zoom video conferencing platform live, in real-time. This allows students to participate and engage with faculty and other students regardless of their physical location or device. Class sessions are recorded and posted in the Canvas learning management system for review at any time, so that students may complete the course in their own time, even if they cannot attend in-person or virtually. Essentially, this option allows students to choose from among face-to-face, sync online, or online delivery methods throughout the course, depending on what works best for them on any given day.

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Meets between: April 22-May 6
Open F 9:00am-11:00am
Course Location

Plano, Room 204

Plano Campus
Waubonsee Community College
100 Waubonsee Drive
Plano, IL 60545
(630) 552-7900

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Meets between: April 22-May 6