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From March 30 - April 3, Waubonsee's Community Education Department will offer weeklong Spring Break Camps for children ages 4-14. Students can learn to build robots, to create video games, to track dinosaurs, how the body works and how to speak in sign language, among other possibilities.

Waubonsee Spring Break Camps to Offer Kids, Teens Week of Fun, Enrichment

Video game creation is just one of the experiences children can enjoy at Waubonsee's Spring Break Camps starting March 30.

What are your kids doing over spring break? Registration is underway for Spring Break Camps at Waubonsee Community College.

Presented by the college’s Community Education Department, the weeklong camps will run from March 30 - April 3 at various times at Waubonsee’s Sugar Grove and Aurora campuses. The Spring Break Camps will offer children ages 4-14 the chance to engage in a range of fun, educational and enriching activities while school is out.

Children ages 7-10, for instance, will have the opportunity to learn to play a ukulele, work with LEGO robots, create video games or learn about the inner workings of the human body. At the same time, young teens can explore animation creation or learn sign language.And younger children, ages 4-6, can spend their spring break learning about dinosaurs.

Camps range in cost from $69-$89 per weeklong session.

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