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Waubonsee Associate Professor of English Ellen Lindeen has published an op-ed in several publications discussing the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Waubonsee English Professor Lindeen Publishes Op-Ed

Ellen Lindeen

Ellen Lindeen, Associate Professor of English at Waubonsee Community College, published an op-ed titled “An Eye for Eye (or 25:1) Is Our Policy, Mr. President?”

The piece, written amid the recent Israeli offensive against Hamas in Gaza, questions the U.S. policy Lindeen argues encouraged the Israeli government to pursue military actions she says were “heinous and out of proportion” to the Palestinian actions used to justify the Israeli Defense Forces actions.

The op-ed was published in August in the Peace Voice, the Las Vegas Informer, the Poteau Daily News, the Gilmer Free Press and in War News from the Far East under the headline “The Conflict Between Israel and Palestine: An Eye for an Eye (or 25:1) Is Our Policy, Mr. President?”