Lisbeth Anderson
Lisbeth Anderson

A new year always brings resolutions, the most common of which is to lose weight and/or to become more fit. This is a great goal for anyone any time of year, but where do people start? Once they get started, how do they stick with it? 

A great way to build a foundation for lifelong fitness is to employ the expertise of a personal trainer. Through teaching proper techniques, monitoring activity movements, and providing diverse routines, the personal trainer is a valuable asset to the beginner or intermediate client. Armed with this training, the client can then continue to effectively utilize exercise equipment and run through routines on their own time.  

In addition to teaching the basics of exercise, personal trainers can customize workouts. After assessing a client’s blood pressure, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and body mass composition, a personal trainer will design a fitness plan around the client’s current abilities and future goals. Trainers are also helpful in getting people ready for a specific fitness event or sport; working with a specific illness, injury or condition; or simply maintaining motivation and keeping clients on track. 

Personal training is just one of the many services offered by Waubonsee Community College’s Total Fitness Center, located on the college’s Sugar Grove Campus. The center’s staff include nationally certified personal trainers ready to make 2014 resolutions come true. 

For those who would rather work out in a group setting or focus on a single exercise method, enrolling in a fitness class may be a better choice. Waubonsee offers a wide variety of classes in the latest fitness trends, and at just 30-60 minutes long, they are a fun way to see bigger results while spending less time in the gym. Plus, since they’re at set times each week, it becomes harder to skip a workout. Some upcoming classes include Fusion Fitness, Women on Weights, Nordic Walking and Boot Camp. 

Fusion Fitness class is a fast-paced 30-minute workout where variety is the name of the game. It incorporates TRX suspension training, kettle bells, dumbbells and more. Women on Weights is designed for women of all ages, offering the support and motivation to improve your fitness and increase your metabolism. Our Nordic Walking class is a private 30-minute class with a certified nordic walking instructor. This total body workout is perfect for any individual interested in a low-impact, fun, outdoor physical activity with maximum health benefits. Boot Camp class meets for just 10 days in May 2014 with an emphasis on cardio, agility, power, strength training and fat burning. With so many classes to choose from, exercisers are bound to find something they will enjoy. 

Resolving to get fit is an important first step that you can take on your own, but when it comes to acting on that resolution and finding the right exercise routine, don’t be afraid to get help from a personal trainer or a fitness class instructor.

To learn more about Waubonsee’s Total Fitness Center, visit or call us at (630) 466-2530. Wishing you a fit and healthy 2014! 

Lisbeth Anderson is Waubonsee’s Fitness Center Manager. 

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