While we strongly encourage vaccination, we understand that some individuals cannot or will not get the vaccine. However, it is mandatory that you report your vaccination status. Additionally, you will be required to complete weekly COVID-19 testing. 

Note: Fully online students must report their vaccination status but are exempt from this testing requirement. 

Here’s how to report your vaccination status (even though you’re unvaccinated): 

  • Use the link you received from our third-party vendor, Cleared4 via email or text. 
  • If you are unvaccinated and do not intend to get vaccinated, follow the Cleared4 link and choose the “Decline” option in the portal.
  • If you are partially vaccinated, you have to select the “Decline” option in the portal. Once you are fully vaccinated, you can go back into the portal and upload your official COVID-19 Vaccination Record.

Here’s how you schedule your weekly appointments: 

  • Use this link to set up your profile and schedule your first testing appointment.
    1. Click “Sign up for an account.”
    2. Enter Waubonsee’s Agency Code for Students: i1eris50-stu
    3. Complete your registration and submit.
    4. You will receive a special code via text and email to confirm your identity.
    5. Enter that code as indicated.
  • Click here for testing times and locations.
  • For easy scheduling in the future, simply download the Shield Illinois app to book future appointments.
  • Note: You will receive weekly email reminders to test through Cleared4.

*Students may also seek weekly COVID-19 tests from their primary care physician or pharmacy of choice but will need to upload their results to Cleared4 using the personalized status link previously sent.

Still have questions? View our Vaccination Status Quick Guide, read our Frequently Asked Questions, or submit your question via our online form.

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