Here’s how you schedule your weekly appointments

Before you can begin testing, you must make an appointment.

  • Use this link to set up your profile and schedule your first testing appointment.
    1. Click “Sign up for an account.”
    2. Enter Waubonsee’s Agency Code for Students: i1eris50-stu
    3. Complete your registration and submit.
    4. You will receive a special code via text and email to confirm your identity.
    5. Enter that code as indicated.
  • Click here for testing times and locations.
  • For easy scheduling in the future, simply download the Shield Illinois app to book future appointments.
  • Note: You will receive weekly email reminders to test through Cleared4.

*Students may also seek weekly COVID-19 tests from their primary care physician or pharmacy of choice but will need to upload their results to Cleared4 using the personalized status link previously sent.