NCRC - Benefits for Career Seekers

Career Seekers - Stand out from the crowd!

Career Seekers - Stand out from the crowd!

Earning a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Plus can be your ticket to the job you've always wanted. The NCRC Plus demonstrates your skill levels, potential and commitment to success.

To earn the NCRC Plus, you must take four WorkKeys assessments:

  1. Applied Mathematics
  2. Locating Information
  3. Reading for Information
  4. Personality

While the first three assessments measure foundational skills that are highly important to the majority of jobs in the workplace, the fourth assessment, Personality, measures your personal characteristics — or soft skills — in the areas of work discipline, teamwork, customer service orientation and managerial potential. Soft skills are highly valued by employers who are seeking job candidates who will be successful contributors in the workplace environment.

Waubonsee Community College offers the four WorkKeys assessments on a regular basis. View the current schedule of NCRC assessments and prep courses. 

Find out the TOP 6 reasons why you should earn your NCRC Plus!

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