Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions

What dual credit classes are available at my high school?
To see if your high school offers dual credit courses at its facility, see our participating high schools list
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Are dual credit classes held at a high school really college level?
Yes. While these classes take place in a high school, the course outlines, objectives and textbooks are those of a college-level course. All dual credit instructors meet the same requirements as Waubonsee adjunct faculty. 
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How much do dual credit classes cost?
Most dual credit courses are taught by qualified high school instructors and so do not carry additional tuition charges. When a Waubonsee faculty member visits the high school to teach the course, Waubonsee’s regular tuition rate applies. Note that some high schools collect student fees and/or require textbook purchases.
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How do I register for a dual credit course?
Registration is easy. There is a special High School Student Registration and Authorization Form (pdf) that is usually completed with the help of your high school counselor or dual credit teacher. English and math courses may require placement testing, but that service may be available at your high school. 
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What if dual credit courses are not offered at my high school?
High school students are welcome to take a Waubonsee course for dual credit at one of the college’s campus locations or online. Visit our class schedule page to search course offerings. Students must pay all Waubonsee tuition and fees and register using the High School Student Registration and Authorization Form (pdf), which requires the signature of a high school principal or counselor. Additional requirements may apply to students under the age of 16. 
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How do grades work?
The course syllabus will outline your instructor’s specific grading policies and procedures, but since dual credit courses are real college courses, the grade you earn is recorded on both your high school and Waubonsee transcripts. Note that earning less than a “C” grade or withdrawing from a dual credit course could negatively impact your future academic standing and/or financial aid status. 
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Will I have a Waubonsee transcript? How do I request a copy?
The grade you earn in a dual credit class automatically becomes part of your academic record at Waubonsee; no additional paperwork or fees are required to record the credit. To request your transcript, you can order a copy online or visit the Regsitation and Records office.
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I might not go to college at Waubonsee. Will my future college accept these credits?
Most Illinois colleges and universities will accept your credits. The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) aligns general education core curriculum guidelines throughout the state. It is recommended that you choose dual credit courses with an IAI code to ensure the highest level of transferability. If you know where you want to go to college, contact the school to make sure they will accept your dual credit. 

When the time comes to actually transfer the credit to your chosen college, simply request your official Waubonsee transcript.  
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If I take dual credit courses, will I enter college as a freshman?
Most Illinois colleges and universities will admit you as a freshman, but this does vary from school to school. If you have completed several hours of college credit, you may be considered a transfer student. 
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What is FERPA and does it apply to me?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 states that student records will be released only to the student. This applies to high school students as well; parents will not be able to obtain grade or student record information by contacting Waubonsee.
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