Dual Credit Course Approval Process

The approval process for a High School Partner to offer a Dual Credit course will be consistent with other processes at Waubonsee Community College.  The process involves the High School, the WCC High School Partnerships Center, and the WCC Academic Division in which the course resides.  It is essential that the process be followed to avoid communication overlap and duplication of efforts in all areas.  Upon completion of the Memorandum of Understanding, the High School Partner will have met all of the qualifications necessary to offer the designated Dual Credit course(s).

Initial Course Approval Procedure:

A meeting between the High School and the Partnerships Center Manager to discuss the goals and purpose of Dual Credit must precede the proposal of any New Course.

1. The High School submits a New Course Approval form to the High School Partnerships Center for all courses that have not been previously offered at the school. Repeating courses will be reviewed prior to offering for the next school year and will only be offered pending qualified faculty and agreement with the Academic Division.

2. The New Course Approval form is submitted to the Academic Division Dean for consideration and approval. The Dean returns the request to the Center.

3. If approved, the Center notifies the High School to complete the Instructor Candidate Application file for each instructor.  This file includes the Instructor Candidate Information form, resume, and unofficial college transcripts.

4. Completed Instructor Candidate Application files are submitted to the Center and forwarded to the Academic Division Dean for review.

Instructor Approval Procedure:

The approval process for a High School Faculty member to teach a Dual Credit course will be consistent with the standards used for an Adjunct Faculty member at Waubonsee Community College and corresponding ICCB guidelines.  The Academic Division Dean has the authority to interview and make the final decision regarding the initial and subsequent approvals of faculty teaching courses for Waubonsee Community College in the high schools.  

1. The Academic Division Dean examines applicant’s information packet and may conduct an initial interview if it is determined that further examination of qualifications is necessary. The Dean reviews and determines if the applicant’s academic credentials meet the Waubonsee Community College Adjunct Faculty Qualifications to Teach.

The Dean may utilize the following assessment criteria during the review:

  • Appropriate degree credentials
  • Mastery of the subject area
  • Demonstrated teaching competency (instructor syllabus, unit/lesson plan)
  • Years of teaching experience in the subject area
  • Additional subject area experience beyond the classroom

2. The Academic Division Dean will provide their assessment and notify the High School Partnerships Center of their decision. The Center will then contact each applicant to inform them of the outcome of the interview/review and inform the High School Principal, or designee, of the assessment and if not approved, the reasons indicated by the Dean.

Applicants who would like to know the reasons they were not approved should contact their Principal, or designee, for this information.

Applicants are welcome to contact the High School Partnerships Center to request staff development activities that may be completed in preparation for future consideration for Dual Credit instruction. 

Creating a Memorandum of Understanding:

1. Each approved course and instructor is added to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) created by the Center that outlines the responsibilities of the High School and Waubonsee Community College.

2. The Center delivers the MOU to the High School for review and appropriate signatures.

3. The High School returns the signed MOU to the Center for signatures and filing.

Following the Filing of the MOU:

1. The Center will create the course in the WCC Banner system.

2. The Academic Division will provide the Center with the following, which will be shared with the High School:

  • Sample Syllabus
  • Course Outlines
  • Textbook for the Instructor (if needed)
  • List of College Faculty Peers to assist with curriculum questions and issues

3. The Center will conduct an Orientation for all new Dual Credit Instructors and deliver materials.

4. The Dual Credit Instructor must furnish a copy of their course syllabus to the Center within the first week of the semester.

5. The Center will forward to the Academic Division a copy of the Dual Credit Instructor’s Syllabus and a list of the courses and sections.

6. Through the semester/term, the Dual Credit Instructor will be responsible for submitting the information requested by the Center on a timely basis.

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