Adult Education Computer Center

What is the AECC?
The AECC is a computer lab dedicated to helping students from English as a Second Language (ESL), GED® preparation, Basic Skills (ABE), and Literacy programs. AECC instructional aides help students learn more about their subject area by using computer programs and academic websites. They also work individually with students to explain skills and concepts that are confusing, and help students who are new to computers gain the skills they need to use the computer programs effectively.

Where is the AECC?
The AECC is located in room 454 at the Aurora Campus. You can get more information on the Center by calling (630) 801-7900, ext. 4118.

Who can attend the AECC?
Any student from ESL, ABE, or GED® exam preparation programs can attend the Center. In addition, if you are waiting for an opening in an Adult Education class, you may start in the Center and develop the skills you will need in the classroom.

How do I register for the AECC?
Simply come into the Center in room 454 at the Aurora Campus and register. You may attend any hours that the Center is open, for as long as you like. The Center is a drop-in program, and is designed to offer you additional help when you need it.

When can I attend the center?
The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 to 9:30 p.m. and operates on a drop-in basis. The Center is closed Friday through Sunday.

AECC Offerings
The Center has computer software associated with Adult Education classes. In addition to computer software, the AECC also has:

  • Videos
  • Textbooks and Reference Materials
  • Electronic Learning Tools
  • Academic Internet Access
  • Constitution Website
  • ESL Cafe


AECC Supervisor