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Degree Requirements
Associate in Arts

  1. College Requirements

    The following sections list program requirements to achieve an AA transfer degree at Waubonsee. Consult with a counselor for specific guidelines on choosing courses.

    1. Semester Hours
    2. A total of 60 semester hours or more completed as specified in the following sections.
    3. Grade Points
    4. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C average) in all course work taken, regular student status and in good standing.
    5. Academic Residency
    6. Meet the college's academic residency requirement: a minimum of 15 semester hours in courses must have been achieved at Waubonsee, excluding CLEP and proficiency credits.
  2. General Education Requirements37

    Waubonsee's requirements conform to IAI General Education Core Curriculum guidelines. Courses listed in section II match Waubonsee's IAI website. (Courses are 3 sem hrs unless indicated).

    1. Communications9
    2. Social and Behavioral Sciences9
    3. Select courses from at least two of the following disciplines. Courses in bold identify Non-Western and Diversity options: N indicates non-Western; D indicates diversity.

    4. Physical and Life Sciences7
    5. Select at least one course from Physical Sciences and one course from Life Sciences. Select at least one lab course. (L indicates lab course.)

    6. Mathematics3
    7. Humanities and Fine Arts9
    8. Select at least one course from Humanities and one course from Fine Arts. Courses in bold identify Non-Western and Diversity options: N indicates non-Western; D indicates diversity.

  3. Additional College Requirements2-3

    When selecting courses for the Additional College Requirements, consult with a counselor, as four-year schools have specific requirements.

    Note: Students should consult with a counselor to determine foreign language requirements at the four-year school to which you intend to transfer. Bachelor of Arts degrees typically require a foreign language for graduation.

    1. Social Awareness/Personal Growth2-3
    2. Non-Western and Diversity
    3. One course satisfying degree requirements must have a non-Western or diversity emphasis. These courses are highlighted in bold in the General Education Requirements Social and Behavioral Sciences (item II.B.) and Humanities and Fine Arts (item II.E.). This is not an additional credit hour requirement.

  4. Area of Concentration / Elective Requirements20-21

    Students should consult with a counselor early in their program of studies to determine appropriate course choices, including any foreign language requirement, and transferability of courses based on their major and the four-year school to which you intend to transfer.

* IAI General Education requires a grade of C or better in these courses.

** No more than two history courses can be used to fulfill general education requirements.

*** Interdisciplinary humanities courses that encompass both humanities and fine arts may be used for either humanities or fine arts credit.

Note: A maximum of 4 semester hours each of Independent Study (IND), College Success Topics (COL), or Physical Education (PED), may be applied toward a degree. The maximum semester hours for Physical Education (PED) credit may be waived for physical education or education majors.