Danielle Dobies: PRIMP

March 12 – June 29, 2016
Dickson Window Art Project Space

POOF! by Danielle Dobies, 2015, steel, special occasion fabric, 1950's reproduction love seat, polyester batting (Instant Delight, Cotton Candy Swirl, Tutti Frutti), princess gems, puff balls, helmet, string lights, three chandeliers, rhinestones, bedazzled/slip-covered/dingle-balled air compressor, tubing, air guns, two gazing balls, and lots of glitter, Dimensions Variable

Danielle Dobies' Project Statement:
Please have a seat, or try something on. Trade places, puff glitter, eat cake.
See how I've sweated my sweets; I've made this for you.

I've tufted, and ruffled,
folded, and pinned,
shoved, hammered, tugged,
fluffed and baked,
stitched and tucked,
nipped, snipped, filled and forged.

Glittered and scented,
bedazzled and sewed,
opted, braided, stapled, nailed,
stuffed and dyed,
to tickle (tackle) your fancy, my dandy.

You're cordially invited, sincerely, yours truly, my dear.

My loves, eat? My loveseat; its luscious. Pouf, poof ooh la la!
It’s all padded and braided and tangled together: a body awaiting somebody like you.

Go on, you'll like it-I promise- it won't be a drag.
The glitter really isn't even that bad. ...Yes okay, perhaps I've gone overboard,
but certain things taste better when they're sugarcoated...

Danielle Dobies is a Fox Valley based artist. Her artwork has been focused on two distinct areas, one is on sculptural installations that use upholstery techniques, and the other is on glass and tile mosaics. The artwork is typically accessible to the audience either via wearable or interactive pieces within exhibition spaces, or through the nature of being a public mural.

In 2012, Dobies earned a BFA in Sculpture, Painting and Drawing, in addition to a BA in Philosophy from Elmhurst College. In 2015, she received her MFA in Sculpture from Northern Illinois University. Recently, she’s been an Art Instructor at the Fox Valley Jewish School, a Project Director for local public mural projects, and an Artist in Residence at Water Street Studios. Currently, she’s an Adjunct Professor of Sculpture at Elmhurst College. Dobies’ work has been exhibited at the Latitude 41 Gala Gallery in Beachwood, Ohio, and in the Chicagoland area, at venues such as the Chicago Artists Coalition, Woman Made Gallery, Zhou B Art Center, and the Peanut Gallery.

Lecture: April 18, 2016
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Workshop: April 18, 2016
in Von Ohlen Hall, room 201, Sugar Grove Campus
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