Michael x. Ryan: Blown away and buried

A project in 3 acts 
act 1: searching, act 2: sea of sand, act 3: echo
February 18 – June 28, 2015
Dickson Window Art Project Space
Hidden Crater Video Animation (still) by Michael x. Ryan, 2012-2015

Michael x. Ryan's Project Statement:
Blown away and buried: a project in 3 acts is an installation of selected works, made over the last 9 years, that are connected to Michael x. Ryan’s ongoing Hidden Crater project that has been inspired by the work of scientists studying a hidden crater in the Chesapeake Bay. Remains of this crater, hidden beneath layers of sediment, were discovered when one curious scientist gathered information from companies and organizations that had been drilling in the area for many years. While gathering this, and other data, scientists were able to create a map of the crater, making its shape and depth visibly evident. The map these scientists created has been the source of the sculptural forms that Ryan creates, photographs and collages together in video animations. Ryan was intrigued by the fact that the discovery was more of a surprise then the result of a direct search. He was also fascinated that the shape of this 50-mile wide crater looks quite similar to a 5-inch wide nautilus fossil that serendipitously, had served as the subject of a series of works he created in the late 80’s.

Michael x. Ryan was born in Syracuse, New York 1956. In 1979, he earned his BFA at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. He moved to Chicago in 1979 where he currently lives with his partner of 21 years and his son and daughter.

Michael x. Ryan is a Chicago based visual artist who creates drawings, mappings and wood reliefs that focus on patterns made or discovered while traveling places lived and visited. Ryan attempts to record the fleeting residue of the human presence by realizing the interconnectedness of bodies and places while magnifying the minutiae of a life lived. Ryan’s work has been exhibited widely in the United States. His work has been acquired by a number of collections, such as The Art Institute of Chicago, the MacArthur Foundation, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago’s Artists book collection, the American Medical Association, JP Morgan Chase and the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY.

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