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Medical Assistant Program Admission

The medical assistant program is offered in either an accelerated (four semester) or part-time (six semester) sequence. Students seeking admission to the medical assistant program are required to:

  1. Meet with Counseling, Advising and Transfer Center to establish a schedule for taking program courses.
  2. Obtain specific admission information by contacting the Dean for Health Professions and Public Service.
  3. Complete the special Medical Assistant Application Form (pdf) required for entry into the program. Enrollment in the medical assistant (MLA) courses is limited in order to provide the best possible educational experience for students. Students interested in the accelerated sequence and desiring to take courses with the MLA prefix in the summer must make application by April 1. Students interested in the part-time sequence and desiring to take courses with the MLA prefix in the fall must make application by July 1.
  4. Complete required Pre-Admission Exam (PAX) assessment. Note: Acceptance into the program is based on assessment results, with documentation of verbal, math and science of 50 percent for the PAX, as well as a composite of 60 percent for the PAX. Note: A student has two opportunities to successfully meet assessment requirements. Eight weeks must elapse between testing sessions for the PAX assessment.
  5. Understand that the medical assistant application, previous transcripts, and program assessment testing in math and reading are required for admission to the program. Students are notified via mail approximately three weeks after the application deadline date as to selection status. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure the following required documents are received by Registration and Records: Waubonsee New Student Information Form; high school transcript or GED certificate; transcripts from other colleges or vocational schools attended.
  6. Follow the program sequence once a student is accepted into the program. The student is expected to follow either the accelerated or part-time program sequence for all MLA courses. Students may opt to complete any or all of the CIS, BIO, COM, HIT or PSY courses prior to submitting an application to the medical assistant program.
    For continuation in the medical assistant program, a 2.0 or better GPA must be received in each of the major courses. Note: HIT and MLA courses are offered on a limited basis during the year. Please contact the office Health Professions and Public Service for specific course information.
  7. Submit documentation of a physical examination, immunizations and 2-step tuberculosis (TB) test upon acceptance into the accelerated program, and prior to the start of MLA 171 Medical Assistant Clinical I for students accepted into the part-time program.

Program Costs
In addition to tuition and regular fees, the medical assistant student has the following minimum fees and expenses:

Textbooks for MLA courses
(does not include general education courses)
Uniform/white shoes $70
Stethoscope $15
Physical exam, immunizations, TB testing per health care provider
Total Estimated Costs
(excluding medical requirements

Note: These fees and expenses are approximate costs and are subject to change without prior notice to the student.

Advanced Placement
Applicants who wish to transfer medical assistant courses from another college or vocational school to Waubonsee may be considered for advanced placement. Advanced placement applications are considered on an individual basis and require that specific documentation (e.g. transcripts, course descriptions) be submitted along with the medical assistant application. This program does not grant credit for life or work experience.