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Automotive Service Alumni Submissions
Name Graduation Date Position Title Employer Certifications/Other
Randy Lewis      
Ken Wurster
Owner/Senior Automotive Training Specialist

KCW Automotive Technician Training

Fayetteville, NY

ASE Master Auto
ASE Master Truck L1,L2, CNG
Paul Potvin
Instructor FoxValley Career Center "The Auto Program Changed My Life. Everything I Have I Owe To The Auto Tech Program And Its Instructors"
Guy Tiberio III
Automotive Instructor Oswego East High School "Attending Waubonsee's auto program was the best choice I ever made. Ken and Jim were the greatest teachers an automotive student could ever wish for! They helped me get on the right path for my career."
Adhir Wahi
Doug Schlachter
Instructor Technology Center of DuPage-Addison

ASE Master Technician-Auto

Ted Sheehan
  Navistar Military Part Sales Group What I learned durning my time in Waubonsee's automotive program I will never forget. Ken and Jim got me to where I am today and I couldn't thank them enough for what they did for me.
Mark Hartman
Engineering Technician BP/Amoco Research Facility-Naperville ASE Certified
The hands on, real world feel Jim and Ken add to the curriculum sets WCC apart and is excellent preparation for a career in the automotive field.